Syrian Chemical Weapons And al Qaeda


The Algeminer:
“In 2003, just before the outbreak of the Iraq War, the U.S. had satellite intelligence showing the heavy flow of truck traffic from Iraq into Syria. In late October 2003, James Clapper, who today serves as President Obama’s chief intelligence advisor, told The New York Times when he headed an American agency that was responsible for interpreting satellite imagery, that the truck convoys contained Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.”

When the Iraq War failed to uncover the massive stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the mainstream media went berserk. What mattered in 2004 to the mainstream press was to discredit George W. Bush.  

-In 2003, the Department of National Intelligence acknowledged a convoy of trucks from Iraq to Syria. No one cared.
-In 2006, NewsMax reported evidence that it was the Russian army that helped transport Iraq’s weapons to Syria. No one cared.
-In 2010, Wikileaks exposed Iraqi General Georges Sada’s statements that he is “absolutely certain” WMDs were transferred to Syria just before the war started in 2003. You guessed it… no one cared.

Recently, columnist Dore Gold said: “It is not entirely clear where [the terrorists] obtained tons of chemical weapons from in 2004, but what is known is that the borders between Iraq, Syria and Jordan were completely open. Anyone with a truck full of chemical or biological weapons—or a nuclear bomb in the future—could make his way across the desert and penetrate his neighbor’s territory.”

Today, with Syria engulfed in civil war and Bashar Assad’s regime teetering in the balance, some people are beginning to care and there is an understandable degree of panic about what might happen to Syria’s chemical weapons in the event of a regime change.

Now everyone knows that Assad has the largest weapons stash in the ME, but no one asks how they got there in the first place, because raising that question would lift the veil covering the media’s shameful record of deception and lies.