Military ballots unlikely to reach military voters in time


The Hill: One day ahead of the election, Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas), Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), John McCain (R-Ariz.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) sent a letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to express their concern over delays in ballots reaching military voters overseas.

Opinion: National disgrace! Hundreds of thousands of our uniformed personnel have been shut out of the voting process.

For over a year now we heard about how the DOJ run by Eric (Fast and Furious) Holder was so concerned about how the poor would be disenfranchised because of having to show ID to vote. Now this.

The explanation? The Obama administration by way of the Pentagon blamed a lack of funds for their failure to comply with the law. That’s right, the same administration that has spent more money in less time than any other in American history is pleading poverty when it comes to ensuring that our military can vote in this year’s presidential election.

The same Obama administration that funded Solyndra, Obamacare and Cash for Clunkers and 2 billion for the Muslim Brotherhood, couldn’t spare any change to help ensure that our nation’s heroes can exercise the right to vote.

BTW, according to exit polls taken on the day of the election, 44% of those with a military background voted for Obama, and 54% percent of those with a military background voted for McCain.