Is Turkey urging Syria to retaliate Israeli strike?


YNet News: “En route to conference in presence of Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Turkish foreign minister (Ahmet Davutoglu) slams Syria’s inaction after alleged Israeli strike: Why can’t Assad do anything against Israel?; says his country will not stand by when a Muslim country is attacked.”

Opinion:  From 1948 to 2010, Ezekiel’s 2500 year old prophecy of an alliance of Iran/Russia/Turkey/North African nations seemed remote, mostly because of Turkey. Turkey and Israel were friendly trading partners until the 2010 flotilla incident changed everything.

Ezekiel 38:1-6, names Turkey, or Beth Togarmah, as one of the attackers of the land of un-walled villages, which means that Israel would be living in peace and safety. Since we know that Israel has not enjoyed that distinction since its rebirth (Isaiah 66:7-8), the last piece of Ezekiel’s puzzle is not in place, yet.

Now just imagine the fulfillment of Isaiah 17: 1, 14 (the destruction of Damascus) followed by a very bloody (Psalm 83:1-8) regional war where 10 Edomite Arab armies are totally destroyed (Obadiah 1:18), and the picture of a false peace (Daniel 9:27) being enforced upon Israel comes into focus.

Ezekiel 38:8 tells us that it will happen in “the latter years .”