Former Syrian officer: ‘I was ordered to use sarin’


The Times of Israel: “Syrian officer has said he was ordered by the regime to use chemical agents against the rebels, but replaced the deadly sarin with liquid bleach before defecting. The descriptions further bolster Israeli and Western intelligence assessments that such weapons were used against the Syrian opposition and civilians.

“The regime used sarin gas on three occasions, and I am increasingly afraid that they will use agents more powerful than sarin. They have VX gas and mustard gas, also known as iprit,” Zaker al-Saket told al-Arabiya TV on Saturday, in an interview translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).”


Opinion: If all that is true, if Hagel and or Israel got this right, the US choices as far as military options are concerned are somewhere between a rock and a hard place. Imagine the US military joining the rebel faction and fighting alongside the Muslim Brotherhood’s terror wing, al Qaeda.

Mission control, we have a problem. Our president called using chemical weapons a game changer, the proverbial red line, and a change of calculus. Now the world watches.