Israel jets fly over E. Lebanon, head north over Beirut, after striking targets in Syria


imagesCA5YBH2QDebkaFile: “Israeli military activity was reported Saturday, May 4 in Lebanon too – and not just over Syria. US sources said earlier Israeli warplanes had struck targets in Syria including a chemical weapons depot outside Damascus, firing missiles remotely from Lebanese air space and the Golan starting Friday and continuing up until early Saturday. An Israeli spokesman confirmed only an air strike in Syria against a shipment of long-range surface missiles. The latest reports point to expanding Israeli military activity inside Lebanon as well.”

Opinion: Both Syria (Assyria) and Lebanon (Tyre) are participants in a future war against Israel. Long time readers are familiar with the first of three wars of the last days. We may well be on the threshold of the event. Here is a possible future scenario:

Imagine this headline on Drudge one morning: “Israeli Jets Strike Damascus, Tremendous Loss of life Reported.” The story is popping up on every news site and is flooding the internet with readers. Isaiah 17:1, 14 has been fulfilled.

You click on the story in shock to find out that: “A rocket loaded with a canister of sarin gas struck Tel Aviv in the heart of the city at 10:30 PM prompting the Israeli response. The concentration levels of gas were reported to be 500 times that of cyanide.

Within minutes of impact, Tel Aviv citizens experienced tightness in the chest and constriction of the pupils. Soon after, victims had difficulty breathing and experience nausea, vomiting and loss of bodily functions. The result was a massive amount of convulsive spasms and death.

Arab armies from Jordan (Edom, Moab and Ammon), Sinai (Amalek), Egypt (Hagrites), Gaza (Philista), Gebal (northern Lebanon),  joined in with the children of lot (Saudi Arabia) as an Arab force mobilized against Israel.

The Arab alliance attacks from the north (Hezbollah), the south (Hamas), and the Mediterranean. Rockets are fired seemingly from everywhere, overwhelming IDF radar. The Israelis responded with brutal force, firing nuclear-tipped rockets at the surrounding Arab forces.

Muslim leaders were largely silent after the crushing defeat of so many Arab nations. The PA, under its illegitimate president,Mahmoud Abbas, was wiped out (Obadiah 1:18) as was the government of Hamas in Gaza. The IDF response was so ferocious it seemed to many that they were miraculously aided.”

The breaking news report ends with this: “Global leaders demand a Peace Treaty for the Middle East.” Once again, a non-Biblical world has no clue that the 3000 year old prophesied attack, that was foretold in Psalm 83:1-8 by a Levite Temple priest, had taken place. A  peace treaty was about to be enforced (Daniel 9:27).


(excerpts from our future book)