Netanyahu warns of Rohani's 'talk and enrich' doctrine


137154423463673706a_bYNet News: “He (R0hani) wrote the book on it. The book was (about) his experiences in negotiations. He himself said that by calming the international community, Iran is able to steadily move forward with its nuclear weapons program. ”

He (Netanyahu) further added, “We can’t let the Iranian regime play this game. They play for time. They continue to enrich. They broaden the base of their nuclear program. What Iran is seeking is not one or two bombs but 200 bombs. They’re building ICBMs parallel to developing their nuclear weapons program.

Addressing the US, he said, “The ICBMs are not intended for us; they’re intended for you. Within six to eight years, they intend to be able to reach the continental United States.”

Opinion: If we use Bible prophecy as a guide, the ICBM’s may be intended for the US right now but after the war of Gog and Magog Iran’s weapons will be aimed at the Beast army of anti-Christ, Daniel 11:40.

Iran (Persia) is acquiring nuclear weapons for it’s date with Ezekiel 38:1-6.