Palestinians lay groundwork for future state


YNet News: “Six cities, two airports, a high-tech complex, a university and a system of highways to connect all of the above are included in the new Palestinian construction plan aimed at setting facts on the ground and creating a territorial continuity in the West Bank.

In August of 2009, then-Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad issued a document titled “The end of the occupation and the creation of a state,” saying a Palestinian state will arise over the West Bank up to the borders of 1967, east Jerusalem included. Since then Fayyad is working to blur the distinctions between the three areas. Some of the projects in the plan are bankrolled by foreign governments, most notably Germany.”


Opinion: Sounds harmless doesn’t it? Take away Bible prophecy for the last days and wham-o a two-state solution makes perfect sense. Except that is not what the sons of Edom want. The Arab descendants of Esau want the whole land of Israel. Want proof?

Not once did the Palestinians ever agree to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and not one nation (US included) is demanding that they do. Not one. But every Arab nation wants the Palestinians to achieve the right of return. Every one.

This so-called right of return is for first-generation refugees and their descendants, to recover the property they or their ancestors left after the 1919 collapse of the Ottoman Empire.  These are the same refugees who turned down a two-state solution in 1947 and chose war instead.

These same refugees and their descendants are denied citizenship in their country of origin, Jordan, and every nation in the Middle East.