Marc Faber Warns "We Have Reached The Endgame Of Monetary Policy"


Zero Hedge: “Unlike the ’50s and ’70s when there was relatively less overall debt, a financial market crash did not inflict great damage on the economy. Debt levels are significantly higher these days, and so a market crash can inflict serious damage on economies.

We’ve gone through a period of huge asset inflation, in stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate, and we essentially now have in the world, a huge asset bubble.  So everything is grossly inflated.

In addition there has since 2007 been: colossal asset inflation” in high-end goods

In thinking about what the next big bubble will be, Faber said: “The problem is I believe you and I are the bubble… the financial system is just too big, that is the problem.   Maybe we can’t see where the next bubble is because we are the bubble – that is something to consider.”

Opinion: What we have here is a financial guru sensing Bible prophecy, but unable to articulate it. It is logical to expect a financial bubble when the money supply has been expanded by trillions of counterfeit dollars.

Colossal inflation is what the Rider on the Black Horse (Revelation 6:5-6) is all about.

The Rider on the Black Horse (Revelation 6:5) carries scales, symbolizing that it will take a day’s labor for a day’s food, suggesting hyper-inflation. The rich, symbolized by the oil and wine, are affected last.

But the White Horse Rider (anti-Christ) comes first (Revelation 6:1-2), bringing a 7 year false peace (Daniel 9:27) and he is followed by the Red Horse bringing global war.

While we are being distracted with government shutdowns and false flag events (Syria), the government and Federal Reserve are busy bankrupting the nation.