California Makes U.S. Citizenship Obsolete


148084518_8-450x341Front Page Mag: “On Saturday, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Trust Act. It prohibits illegal aliens from being turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) authorities for possible deportation unless they have been charged with or convicted of a serious offense. “While Washington waffles on immigration, California’s forging ahead,” Brown said. “I’m not waiting.”

California is indeed forging ahead. Last Thursday, Brown signed a bill allowing illegal aliens to obtain drivers’ licenses. “Millions of immigrant families have been looking forward to this day,” said Democratic Assemblyman Luis Alejo, who sponsored the bill. “It will allow them to go to work, go to school, take their kids to a doctor’s appointment without fear that they are going to have their car taken away from them, or worse, be put into immigration proceedings.”

Not “immigrant families.” Illegal immigrant families.

Opinion: There is no rational reason for a nation that is drowning in debt to entertain assimilating 20-30 million unemployed illegal refugees into its economy. Before accusing me of being a racist, I and my entire family, are children of legal immigrants.

It has nothing to do with compassion but everything to do with an internal loathing of our nation by very powerful people. The US is heading toward self-imposed economic destruction. Once that happens the dollar will lose world reserve status and a new global government will emerge.

It could happen quickly. And almost overnight everything will change. The government will control everything from our healthcare to employment to where we live and how we worship in the name of inclusiveness and the common good. Eventually the government will control your ability to buy and sell.

We are in the times of the prophets. It is important to persevere (Revelation 3:10).