Hezbollah’s long-range missiles can carry chemical weapons’


Mideast-Lebanon_Horo-e1376674451231-635x357The Times Of Israel: “Khaled Zaher, from the anti-Hezbollah al-Mustaqbal party, told the Saudi al-Watan newspaper that Syrian President Bashar Assad had transferred significant amounts of weaponry to Hezbollah, including the missiles. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps supervised the transfer of the weapons and helped build and design the launching pads in Lebanon.

He said that the missiles were deployed in “areas that no one can approach or come close to. This indicates the danger of what these sites possess. We are certain they are long-range missile bases placed exclusively under Hezbollah’s command.”

Opinion: While the international community deludes itself in a peace fantasy, Bashar al Assad’s weapons are being strategically deployed to an entrenched terror organization dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

One man saw it coming. A Levite priest named Asaph wrote about an enemy of the Israelites that would someday inhabit the nation of Lebanon. Asaph called the nation by its 1000 BC name, Tyre (Psalm 83:7).

The enemies of Israel have not changed (Psalm 83:1-8). The same enemies from Asaph’s day took a 1878 year break  (70 AD- 1948) in hostilities during the time God dispersed the Jews from the land.

The same enemies took up their guns when Israel was brought back to the land as God had promised (Isaiah 11:11). But this time is different. This time is a prelude to the Time of Jacob’s trouble expressed by the prophet Jeremiah 30:7.

It will begin with an enforced peace treaty between Israel and her neighbors (Daniel 9:27). The 7 years of wars and rumors of wars will end with the return of Jesus Messiah (Zechariah 14:4).

On that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem …”

We even get directions.