Israel and Saudi Arabia are coordinating policies to counter US détente with Iran


Flag-Pins-Israel-Saudi-ArabiaDebkaFile: “Associates of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Wednesday, Oct. 2, leaked word to the media that Israel was in contact with Saudi and Gulf representatives to align their policies for offsetting President Barack Obama’s advancing rapprochement with Iran and any US easing-up on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. These exchanges include recent visits to Israel of high-ranking Gulf officials and will extend to joint lobbying efforts in the US Congress to overrule Obama administration’s outreach to Tehran. This leak signals a widening of the breach between Israel and the US president.”

Netanyahu: “Iran must discontinue nuclear development and dismantle its program or face up to the risk of a lone Israeli military attack.” 

Opinion: And who can blame him? With the US already talking about easing sanctions, Netanyahu cannot afford to sit by while progressive left policies allow Iran time to complete its nuclear weapons program. The fact that the Saudis are in contact with Israel shows the severity of the Sunni/Shia tension in the Muslim world.

If Israel were to attack Iran, they would need Saudi airspace for the trip. The interesting part is that the Saudis do not fare well in the future war of Gog and Magog. Ezekiel 38:13 speaks of Sheba and Dedan (ancient Saudi Arabia) along with Britain and the US as powerless bystanders in the battle.