'We've reached the end of antibiotics'


antiMail On Line: “Top CDC expert declares that ‘miracle drugs’ that have saved millions are no  match against ‘superbugs’ because people have overmedicated themselves.

Srinivasan, who is also featured in a Frontline report called ‘Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria,’ which aired  Tuesday, said that both humans and livestock have been overmedicated to such a degree that bacteria are now resistant to antibiotics.”

Opinion: In Joel Rosenberg’s ground-breaking book “Epicenter”, Chapter 4 is titled The Third Lens:

“While it is fashionable in our times to analyze world events merely by looking through the lens of politics and economics, it is also a serious mistake, for it prevents one from being able to see in three dimensions. To truly understand the significance of global events and trends, one must analyze them through a third lens as well: the lens of Scripture. Only then can the full picture become clearer.”

Now read Revelation 6:7-8 again.