Russia and China Prepare For the Day When They Will Nuke the United States


ge1-744px-Frenchmans_Flat_Nevada_-_Atomic_Cannon_Test_-_Historys_first_atomic_artillery_shell_fired_from_the_Armys_new____-_NARA_-_558590_tif-300x241Intellihub: “To most Americans, it sounds very strange to hear that Russia and China are concerned about nuclear war.  After all, isn’t the Cold War over?

At the end of last month, Russia held a large-scale military drill that involved the launch of four nuclear missiles, and the Chinese government released a major report for the public which included maps showing what would happen to major U.S. cities in the event of a nuclear attack by Chinese submarines.

Russia is also developing a new submarine-launched ballistic missile and a new class of missile submarines. The missile submarines are of particular concern.”

OpinionTo most Americans Bible prophecy also sounds strange. Checking the Bible’s guardrails, with the help of Jack Kinsella, John Walvoord, and Dwight Pentecost: “The battle of Armageddon is described in Scripture as a war of extermination against Christians and Jews that reaches its conclusion when those weapons of war are turned against Jesus Christ Himself at His Return.” Omega Letter, November 25, 2006

The U.S., or young lions, are depicted in Ezekiel 38:13 as a bystander in the final war.

John Walvoord Bible Knowledge Commentary:

  • The battle of Armageddon begins when the king of the South attacks Israel and is simultaneously joined by the king of the North (Daniel 11:40).
  • Anti-Christ, having had a pact with Israel, moves his army from Europe to the Glorious Land (Israel) and gains control over many countries (Daniel 11:40-43).
  • Anti-Christ hears alarming reports from the East that a 200 million man army comes across the Euphrates River (Daniel 11:44).
  • Anti-Christ comes to his end and no one helps him (Daniel 11:45).
  • The battle concludes with the second coming of Jesus Christ (Matthew 2:27-31, Revelation 10:11-21).

It will be the bloodiest battle in human history (Psalm 2:2, Zechariah 14:3). “The destruction resulting will be such that the blood of the armies will reach the horses bridles for 200 miles and it will require 7 months to bury the dead” (Revelation 14:20, Ezekiel 39:12). Excerpt, Dwight Pentecost: Campaign of Armageddon.