8 Companies Acquired by Google in Last 6 Months — Humans to Become Obsolete


Intellihub: “The globalist want a population in which they can manage. You see, it all comes in baby steps. Right now we are in the training phase.

Soon robots will take care of patients in hospitals and nursing homes, pump your gas, deliver books to your doorstep and more. Nowadays robots can even take orders and more. Just like the Jetsons, they will soon prepare and serve us our food at fast food places such as McDonald’s and Taco Bell and even in your home. In fact, in Europe it’s already taking place as McDonald’s has installed over 7000 kiosks, making some locations self-serve, ultimately eliminating the need for human workers which can make mistakes and ultimately cost more money in the long run.

So not only are large corporations slowly migrating toward humanless service, the implementation of such technologies will further push us toward a cashless society as well.”

Opinion: Intellihub is one of the better secular websites since its writers are not slaves to government talking points. But when they make statements such as, “Humans were designed with free will. If we didn’t have free will what would be the point of life?”, I can’t help but wonder who they think the designer is?

Even humanists have heard of prophecy… right?