Putin dissolves state news agency, tightens grip on Russia media


Reuters News: “President Vladimir Putin tightened his control over Russia’s media on Monday by dissolving the main state news agency and replacing it with an organization that is to promote Moscow’s image abroad.

Most Russian media outlets are already loyal to Putin, and opponents get little air time, but the shake-up underlined their importance to Putin keeping power and the Kremlin’s concern about the president’s ratings and image.”

Russian President Putin during his meeting with Armenian President Sarksyan in Yerevan

Opinion: These past few months the world watched in amazement as strong man, Valdimir Putin, became a global diplomat. Putin single-handedly prevented a US/Syria incursion by setting a plan in place to disarm Bashar Assad’s nuclear weapons. The US stood down, though no one believes that Assad will actually disarm.

On October 30, Forbes magazine’s Caroline Howard said this about Putin: “Anyone watching this year’s chess match over Syria and NSA leaks has a clear idea of the shifting individual power dynamic [between Putin and Obama].” Forbes’s editors accorded Putin the No 1 slot in this year’s 72-strong power list, ahead of Barack Obama, China’s Xi Jinping, and Pope Francis, in that order.

So, the question that begs for an answer, Is Vladimir Putin the Gog of Ezekiel 38:1-2? In addition to strengthening relationships with Syria and Egypt, Putin has built nuclear reactors in Iran (Persia) and is currently in talks of cooperation with Turkey (Gomer) Ezekiel 38:5-6.

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck …