3rd Anniversary of BPT


To our readers,

We started this blog 3 years ago this week at the urging of one of my sons. “Why not,” he said, “you watch the financial markets and news reports all day, and when you’re not doing that you’re studying Bible prophecy.”

Made sense, but I didn’t really know what I was getting into.

So it began, and a few months later, I jokingly asked Jack Kinsella to check in on the site and maybe someday we could get on the front page of the Omega Letter. The next morning I received an email from Jack that said, “Consider it done.”

Done? Really? Within a few days we had over 200 visitors checking in each day.

Our friend, Lee, warned me that this could get to be very consuming, and he was right. But the site became a project that brought my wife and I even closer together. You see, it’s rare that a post goes out without her edit. One of our readers from the UK calls her “the redactor” and without her help in keeping a tone of civility, it would not be the same. The editor gets to decide what stays and what does not.

Last week I asked you for the first time to email the Benghazi post to a friend. Our audience grew that whole week and we reached new people that may not have known about us before. I would ask that if you feel led, to send out a post from time to time in the hopes we can reach more people for Christ.

Today I posted a study, “Bible Prophecy 101”, that we wrote for a small Bible study group.  Jack Kinsella had a link to it on the OL for a few years, and it was recently posted to the OL Facebook page. You’ll find the link to it above the slide-deck near the top of this page.

I have found the paper useful in leading a study group, as well as friends and family not familiar with prophecy, and I hope you will as well.

I am attending a retreat on Saturday and Sunday so I wanted to share a post and paper I have been working on about Pope Pius XII. The rest of the weekend will be handled by the editor.

We thank you for checking in each day and encourage more of you to make comments.

If you’re having trouble logging in, please email me (prophecytracker@aol.com) and the editor will help you out.

Many blessings,