Cold War Rematch in Kiev


APTOPIX Ukraine ProtestsFront Page Mag: In a striking example of Cold War redux, the Ukraine has emerged as the latest geopolitical flashpoint between Russia and the United States, with Western Europe playing a secondary role.

Protests in Ukraine began last November when Ukraine’s President Viktor F. Yanukovych decided to reject offers of a closer relationship and trade deal with the European Union, tilting towards Russia instead. Russia offered Ukraine an economic lifeline in the form of $15 billion dollars’ worth of credit, and put pressure on Yanukovych to rebuff Western Europe’s offers.

Opinion: Interestingly, the name Ukraine means “on the edge.” Unlike the rest of Ukraine, most of Western Ukraine was  never part of the Russian empire. The west is decidedly European having once been a part of the Roman Empire.

The connection to Bible prophecy is not coincidental but you won’t hear much about that from secular news sources.

In what could only happen to the last generation, the political Roman Empire began to reform in 1948, the same year as Israel’s rebirth. Six European states entered into the Benelux Treaty that was codefied into law under the Treaty of Rome of 1957.

danelThe re-formation of the Roman Empire is described in Daniel 2:31-35. Daniel’s statue depicted the primary empires of history that had significant dealings with Israel.

The two legs of the statue depicts Rome and Constantinople – the divided Roman Empire.

The ten toes of the statue represent the eventual 1o kings or regions (Daniel 7:24) made of iron and clay (partially weak and partially strong). The EU today with its financially strong northern nations and weak southern nations fits Daniel’s description … perfectly.

West Ukraine is going back to the Roman Empire. It may take a while and there will be lots of bloodshed and mayhem but Bible prophecy will be fulfilled … perfectly.