Suspected Tel Aviv gunman thought hiding in West Bank



The Times of Israel: “A manhunt for a suspected Arab Israeli gunman who killed three people in Tel Aviv last week continued Wednesday, with reports indicating that he may be hiding out in the Palestinian territories.

According to Channel 2 television, Israeli security officials increasingly believe Nashat Milhem may be in the West Bank, although details of the search for him remain under a gag order.”

Opinion: What better place for a modern day descendant of Esau to hide:

  • The West bank was where Esau’s descendants settled in the 6th century BC
  • The West Bank is where Herod the Great is from
  • The West Bank is where the Pharisees are from
  • The West Bank is where the disciple who betrayed Jesus is from
  • The West Bank is where Yasser Arafat had his headquarters
  • The West Bank is where Mahmoud Abbas has his headquarters

Must be a coincidence.

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