EU Exploits Refugees to Usurp More Power, Build Armed Force



The New American: “Top officials with the European Union are exploiting the refugee crisis they helped create to usurp more power from the nations and peoples ensnared in the controversial super-state.

Without decisive action to turn back the assaults on national sovereignty and self-government, Europeans could soon find an armed EU force intervening in their nations on everything from “crime” and “terror” to border issues — without approval from their own elected representatives. But critics are speaking out loudly as the agenda marches forward.

Most alarmingly, perhaps, the armed EU force will be able to “intervene” in European nations — even without permission from national authorities, as long as EU bosses claim the situation is “urgent”.

Opinion: The Western Alliance is another name for a group of nations that make up the army of Antichrist. We know from the prophets Daniel and John who the other 3 armies are:

  • Kings of the North (of Israel etc.)
  • Kings of the South
  • Kings of the East

Revelation 13:1 defines Antichrist a the beast rising out if the sea (humanity). Antichrist is a man who will be in-dwelt by Satan and will be supported by another beast from the earth with two horns like a lamb (clergy) who will cause unsaved men and women to worship the first beast.

The unholy trinity.

That the European Union is preparing a super-army that will be able to “intervene” in European governments— even without permission from national authorities – is to say the least bone-chilling.

Since the beast will have only 7 years to attempt to prevent the return of Christ (Zechariah 12:4), infrastructure needs to be built in advance.

There is still much work to be done.

Middle East Headline “ISIS believed to have 100 members in Israel” @


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