SUNDAY STUDY: Separated Unto The Gospel


Romans 1:1 tells us that we must be separated to the Gospel of God.  The gospel is “of God,” meaning, God is the originator of this message. Paul (as a bondservant) was not free to create his own gospel.  The gospel is for us, but it is “of God.”

“Pharisee” is from a Greek word (pharisaios) taken from the Heb/Aramaic “Perisha” meaning “Separated one.” They were separated from Gentiles, sources of ritual impurity, and irreligious Jews. Paul was first a Pharisee, separated to persecute Jesus and His Church (Acts 9:4-5).

But, God separated, and God called, Paul to be a preacher of His gospel. Coincidentally, the Greek word for separated, aphorizo, means to be set apart/limited/to be set off by a boundary.  When Paul was limited to the gospel of God, Paul is limited to ONLY preach the gospel of God throughout his ministry.  He could NEVER preach the gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus and the 12 preached, for it is ALL by grace now.

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