Google: Antisemitic YouTube Video Narrated by Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Is Not Hate Speech, We Won’t Remove It


Algemeiner: An antisemitic YouTube video titled “Jews admit organizing White Genocide” does not constitute hate speech, a top Google executive told British lawmakers on Tuesday, according to a Times of London report.

While the video — narrated by ex-Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke — is “deeply offensive and shocking,” it does not violate YouTube rules against hate speech and will remain on the site, Google Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs Peter Barron (Google owns YouTube) said at a House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee hearing. more

Opinion: You remember David Duke, don’t ya? He is the white supremacist that the Democrats drag out every four years to accuse every Republican candidate since Lincoln of racism.

This David Duke quote from the video: “The Zionists have already cleansed the Palestinians and Europeans, why not do the same thing to the Americans”, was just not enough to be banned from Google.

He says the land was stolen from Palestinians and they rain phosphorous bombs down on innocent Palestinians. And that is just in the first few minutes of this vile video:

But David Duke is but one of a growing anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist voice being heard in virtually every nation in the world.

In our post yesterday about a Minnesota Catholic University student that spews enough anti-Semitic hate speech to make David Duke proud, three of our readers responded:

Dan who made his first comment on the new site said: Absolutely awful … Praying. Psalm 122:6

Shelly: Absolutely awful is right. Fox said “soon?” February 3rd was a month and a half ago. The more I see of this administration, the less I trust it. I do think, as many prophecy teachers have posited, that Trump’s election has only served to speed end time events up. I sure do hope so. I’ve seen enough and I’m ready to go home.

As far as these bullies go – picking on the Jew – the truth is that they hate God. Why don’t they pick on Him? Just like the bullies on the playground – they are cowards. Whether they like it or not – in the end they will face Him. And whether they want to or not, they will bow the knee and “confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God.” Phil. 2:11.
Praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Come, Lord Jesus!

Centurion: As noted by many in the past, we know what and who is behind this illogical insane hatred of this little country smaller than New Jersey with 10 million people half of which call themselves Jews. Its ‘funny’ the dull witted liberals and ‘intellectuals’ clamor over George Soros who by the way is an Hungarian Jew. ShellyB is right on! It’s about hatred of God and what God adores. The solution to this problem can not be solved by the secular acts of fallen man. The solution will come supernaturally as set forth in Bible prophecy. Such prophecy is found in Psalm 2 and 110 as a start.

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