Update from Friday’s Post: Abbas Meeting with Trump Set For May 3


: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will meet US President Donald Trump on May 3rd in Washington, D.C., top Palestinian official Ahmad Majdalani said on Sunday.  more …

Opinion: The meeting was originally supposed to happen in April before the May 2 deadline for the embassy waiver.

If President Trump intends to move the US embassy 40 miles from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, he does not have to do anything on May 2. If, however, he intends to postpone the move, he will need to sign a waiver at that time.

With the Abbas visit scheduled for May 3, we can assume the waiver will be signed.

A postponement is a victory for Abbas. We will watch carefully for signs during the Trump/Abbas meeting if the president’s 100% promise to move the embassy is still a priority, or will the focus shift to making the ultimate deal?