Front Page Mag: By a razor-thin margin, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has won the referendum to expand exponentially the powers of his office. The results have been challenged for voting irregularities, but they’re unlikely to change the outcome.

Given Erdoğan’s record-setting jailing of reporters, his mass arrests after an aborted coup, and his frankly expressed ambitions to Islamize Turkey, these changes will result in a much more authoritarian and Islamic government incompatible with the West.

No one should be surprised, as Erdoğan has always been up-front about his ambitions. At the beginning of his political career in the mid-nineties he said, “Thank God Almighty, I am a servant of the Sharia.” more …

Opinion: The 1st World War ended 400 years of Ottoman rule. Turkey sided with Germany and there was a price to pay. Britain and France occupied Constantinople and were mandated to divide the spoils of the war: 6 million sq. miles of land.

Enter Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a Turkish army officer, revolutionary, and founder of the Republic of Turkey, serving as its first President and father of the Turks from 1923 until his death in 1938.

Ataturk brought Turkey into the 20th century. A constitution was drafted, the death penalty abolished, and Turkey became a European-style state.

Perhaps the most astonishing part of Ataturk’s renovation of Turkey was that Islam and Shariah were banned, the caliphate abolished, and women began to wear western clothing.

All that is about to change. The (Easter) April 17 referendum handed Erdogan the title of Sultan. His mended ties with Israel after the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident were a sham, as Barack Obama coerced Netanyahu into apologizing for Erdogan’s act of aggression.

Just hours after the referendum, Erdogan began talking about re-instituting the death penalty and scrapping any thought of joining the European Union.

The new sultan who is a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood has a particular fondness for its military wing, Hamas, and of late has been threatening to flood Europe with immigrants.

I am still baffled by President Trump’s phone call congratulating Erdogan. The only other leaders to congratulate him were those of Qatar, Djibouti, Guinea and the terror group Hamas.