More and more frequently, we are hearing about ‘Christians’ going overseas and claiming to be doing ‘missions’ without the Gospel.

With Rick Warren saying your religion should have no bearing on your spiritual life, Erwin McManus saying he would like to destroy Christianity, and missionary societies telling new converts they can have Jesus without Christianity (or baptism), the results could be devastating and will very likely undo the tireless efforts of many dedicated missionaries around the world.

Is Christianity the only religion that understands the true meaning of life, the answer is yes. How can a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Muslim fully understand truth when their religions omit a Savior who died for their sins?

Oswald Chambers says, “World brotherhood was not His [Christ’s] mission on earth (Matthew 12:46-50). All men are not His brothers; only those who do His will and His Father’s will are Christ’s brothers.”

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