The Ten Major Military Players Fighting for the Heart of Syria


Breitbart: On Thursday, following the publication of gruesome images of the victims of an apparent chemical attack on civilians, reports surfaced that President Donald Trump ordered a missile attack on a base in Syria.

At least ten major armed groups, including the armies of at least five sovereign nations, have entered the fray in Syria.

  • Bashar al-Assad/The Government of Syria
  • Russia
  • Iran/Hezbollah
  • Turkey
  • America
  • The Free Syrian Army (FSA)
  • The Kurdish Peoples’ Protection United (YPG/YPJ)
  • The Islamic State
  • Al-Qaeda/The Former Nusra Front
  • Christian Militias more …

Opinion: To all the secular pundits and politicians who are trying to figure out the outcome of the perpetual conflicts taking place in Syria and the Middle East … good luck with that.

There is only one absolute source for the outcome:

  • Isa. 63:1-3 The Lord conquers Israel’s eternal enemy
  • Rev. 19:13-16 Jesus returns in glory to judge the nations, the armies of heaven follow
  • Rev. 20:1-2 The Millennial Reign begins on earth

“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, The leopard shall lie down with the young goat,
The calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6

Many Bible students fail to read the Bible literally. They will say that Isaiah’s verse is a metaphor for God’s kingdom on earth.

From John Walvoord/Roy Zook’s Bible Knowledge Commentary:

“Isaiah described the righteous kingdom which the Messiah will set up. The curse will be lifted, peace and harmony will be present, and wild animals will once again be tame and harmless to domesticated animals and humans.

The wolf, leopard, lion and bear are mentioned as examples of wild animals that will dwell safely with farm animals.

A little child will be safe with lions, bears, cobras and vipers (Isa. 65:25) and on the Temple Mount, God’s holy mountain (Isa. 27:13, 56:7, 57:13, 65:11, 66:20) tranquility will prevail.”