Did Trump Endanger Israeli-US Intelligence Cooperation?


Al Monitor: As President Donald Trump’s May 22 arrival in Israel approaches, everything that can go wrong in the relationship between the White House and the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office seems to be going wrong. Until recently, both parties had kept their dirty laundry indoors.

In the last two days, however, more and more problems have come to light, turning into a very public feud.

There was the president’s packed schedule during his upcoming visit, the US’ refusal to allow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accompany Trump to the Western Wall and elusive responses from the US administration about its position on the Western Wall’s status and whether it falls under Israeli sovereignty. Each made headlines in Israel over the past few days, but suddenly disappeared when it was reported on May 16 that the source of the intelligence that Trump had shared with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was none other than Israel. more …

Opinion: I keep hearing that as along as the Trump economic agenda remains: roll back regulations, lower corporate and individual taxes and border wall, everything will be fine.

After searching the Scriptures, I could not find a single blessing for achieving economic growth, tax reform or border walls.

I did, however, find blessings for blessing Abraham’s descendants (Genesis 12:3). Nations have risen and fallen by their treatment of God’s elect.

Next week President Donald Trump has an opportunity to bring God’s blessing on himself and our nation. The same tired worn out words, ironclad and unbreakable, that Barack Obama used while inserting a metaphorical knife in Netanyahu’s back, will not do.

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What will do is for the President of the United States to declare an undivided Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.

Move the embassy, Mr. President, let God take care of the outcome.