Net Neutrality Supporters Want to ‘Ban Drudge’


Free Beacon: Alt-left advocates for net neutrality, who say they want a “free and open internet,” want to ban the Drudge Report.

Members of the alt-left who have been tied to violent protests in the past picketed outside the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday in protest of Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to reverse net neutrality rules. The FCC will vote to undo the Obama era Title II rule that classified Internet service providers as utilities, subjecting them to more federal regulation.

Protesters covering their faces held signs that read “Ban Drudge,” with a no symbol over the Drudge Report, the highly trafficked news website run by Matt Drudge. Other protesters held signs to ban other news websites, including Breitbart and InfoWars. more …

Opinion: And all Drudge does are headlines!

On October 1, 2016, Barack Obama turned the internet over to net neutrality, a “UN” type organization. We were told nothing would change, that the internet would be free and open.

Imagine what is coming for sites like this?