Who will fill America’s shoes?


Market Watch: It is increasingly clear that President Donald Trump represents a departure when it comes to America’s global outlook and behavior. As a result, the United States will no longer play the leading international role that has defined its foreign policy for three quarters of a century, under Democratic and Republican presidents alike.

We have already seen many examples of this change. The traditional U.S. commitment to global organizations has been superseded by the idea of “America first.” Alliances and security guarantees once regarded as a given are increasingly conditioned on how much allies spend on defense and whether they are seen to derive unfair advantage from trade with the U.S.

More broadly, foreign trade is viewed with suspicion — supposedly a source of job loss rather than an engine of investment, job creation, growth, and stability. Immigration and refugee policies have become more restrictive. more …

Opinion: Market Watch had no such criticism of Barack Obama when he led from behind in Libya (2011), or allowed a 2013 red line to be crossed in Syria, or handed Iraq over to Iran in 2015.

To those on the left, Barack Obama could do no wrong.

In 7 short months in office, Donald Trump fired 59 rockets into Syria for the same chemical weapons which Obama looked away from, and sent the mother of all bombs on ISIS leaders in Afghanistan.

To those on the left, Trump can do no right.

The old expression perception is reality has led socialists in the US and EU to be in search of a powerful leader to solve all the world’s ills. A charismatic man who embraces climate change, economic fairness, social justice, and a solution for the Arab/Israeli problem.

Nature abhors a vacuum and one day, after Christians are nowhere to be found (1 Thess. 4:16-18), that leader will step forward (Daniel 9:27), with an astounding plan.