Front Page Mag: ISIS has been defeated. That’s the official word out of Iraq. But don’t count it out just yet.

We beat ISIS twice before. Once in its previous incarnation as Al Qaeda in Iraq and in its even earlier incarnation as Saddam Hussein’s regime whose Sunni Baathists went on to play a crucial role in ISIS.

Each time it was reborn as another murderous monstrosity. We don’t know what the next incarnation will look like, but … more …

Opinion: In our firstbook Antichrist: The Search for Amalek (and its upcoming expanded revision) we call Edom the final enemy.

According to Genesis 36, Esau is Edom, and his direct descendant, Amalek, was twice designated in the Pentateuch (Ex. 17:14–16; Deut. 25:19) as the one against whom war should be waged until his memory be blotted out forever. Amalek became, in rabbinical literature, Israel’s archenemy.

Politicians and Middle East analysts are fond of discussing ways to rid the world of terror. They speak of smashing ISIS while ignoring that ISIS is nothing more than a new version of al Qaeda. If/when ISIS is degraded, another Amalek will rise that will be even more violent.

The part that fascinates me is all this is happening in a giant vacuum. Most people, including Christians, have not connected the dots.

Most think that Arab terror groups are a fairly recent phenomenon, possibly beginning in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration, or in 1948 with Israel’s rebirth as a nation. Some think that terrorism might have begun in 1993 with the first World Trade Center bombing or September 11, 2001.

Arab terror, however, dates back to the time when a reluctant Jewish leader named Moses led several million Jews from tyranny, out of Egypt, in the most awesome journey of all time.

ExcerptAfter the Red Sea crossing and the drowning of the Egyptian army, the next attack on the Israelites came from a tribe called the Amalekites. Their leader was an illegitimate grandson of Esau named Amalek, who inherited his grandfather’s intense hatred (Gen. 27:41) for his brother Jacob. While the Egyptians failed to harm the Israelites, the Amalekites succeeded in doing so.

While writing the book I hit a brick wall on how to bring it to conclusion. How could I prove that Edom/Amalek will be the final enemy? I almost gave up until I heard that Jimmy DeYoung was leading a prophecy study near our town.

During the second night he spoke of Isaiah 63:1-3. It had been a long day and I really didn’t get the meaning of the passage but wrote it down in my notes.

The next morning I printed out each Bible verse discussed the night before and after a few minutes realized that Isaiah 63:1-3 placed Edom at the time of the second coming. Isaiah explains why Jesus’ robe was dipped in blood, Revelation 19:11-16.

I realized that the theory of the book, that terrorism began because of a blood feud (Genesis 27:41) that took place 3500 years ago, would continue until the end.

I have not had a chance to thank Jimmy yet.