Anti-Israel Curricula Used in World History Courses Across the Country


Free Beacon: A monograph published late last month of anti-Israel curriculum used in Newton, Mass., public high schools has led to revelations of similar materials in circulation at other school districts in the country, the report’s researcher told the Washington Free Beacon on Thursday.

Steven Stotsky of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) said that since the release of his findings in “Indoctrinating Our Youth: How a U.S. Public School Curriculum Skews the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Islam,” he has received phone calls alerting him to disquieting curricula being used in Michigan and California.

“We turned over a rock and discovered a significant problem,” said Stotsky. more …

Opinion: Some of Satan’s most pernicious work is happening in high schools all across America. Anti-Israel propaganda is corrupting future leaders of our nation and it comes right out of the Nazi playbook.

A research study conducted in 1996 and 2006 asked respondents about a range of issues, including their opinions of Jews. The polls, known as the German General Social Survey, reflected the views of 5,300 people from 264 towns and cities across Germany, allowing the researchers to examine differences according to age, gender and location.

By focusing on those respondents who expressed consistently negative views of Jews in a number of questions, the researchers found that those born in the 1930s held the most extreme anti-Semitic opinions — even 50 years after the end of Nazi rule.

“It’s not just that Nazi schooling worked, that if you subject people to a totalitarian regime during their formative years it will influence the way their mind works,” said Hans-Joachim Voth of the University of Zurich, one of the study’s authors. “The striking thing is that it doesn’t go away afterward.”

Hitler Youth members perform the Nazi salute at a rally at the Lustgarten in Berlin, 1933 (CC BY-SA Bundesarchiv, Bild/Wikimedia Commons)

Anti-Semitic propaganda had a life-long effect on German children schooled during the Nazi period, leaving them far more likely to harbor negative views of Jews than those born earlier and later. (source)

If Satan can convince the youth of the west that the Jew is the occupier and the Arab was the rightful owner of the land, he might be able to cause enough chaos to collapse the state of Israel and prevent the second coming.

He is not called the deceiver of the whole world for nothing.