JPost: Abbas, addressing the United Nations General Assembly, warned that if the two-state solution were to be destroyed, Palestinians would have no choice but to “continue the struggle and demand full rights for all inhabitants of historic Palestine.”

Abbas emphasized during his speech that the PA is committed to the two state solution and all of the efforts it will undertake will be peaceful. He repeated that several times during his speech.

“We are standing against International terrorism, and we are fighting it,” said Abbas before arguing that it is Israel, and not the Palestinian Authority, that is not interested in peace. more …

Opinion: That from the man who served as deputy to the father of modern day terrorism, Yasser Arafat.

Mahmoud’s memory must be slipping since he and his henchman turned down a state inside Israel in 1947 insisting on the right of return of 5 million Jordanian Arabs as a prerequisite, and again in 2013-14 when in negotiations with John Kerry, the PA refused to even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

In fact the PA could have had a state inside Israel at any point since 1947 but that was never the goal. A Palestinian state without Israel has always been the objective to fulfill Esau’s squandered birth right, Genesis 25:32.

Jimmy DeYoung, writing in 2006 on his website Prophecy Today, said this:

The prophet Malachi records that God says the borders of the people of Amalek, the Palestinians of today, would be the borders of wickedness; that’s Malachi 1:4. Ezekiel says that the Amalekites will kill the Jews in the Last Days and try to take their land from them; that’s Ezekiel 35. Jeremiah says that the Amalekites will be destroyed and be as if they had never been;
Jeremiah 49:18; Obadiah 1:18 says that’s exactly what will happen at the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

It will never cease to amaze me that the nations continue to call Mahmoud Abbas president, when he has refused to stand for election since 2009.


  1. Jimmy DeYoung is an interesting character. We were able to have a Q&A service with him at our church one evening.

    As far as Abbas being called “president” by the nations, I am tired of it as well. Even Trump and Netanyahu refer to him as “president” Abbas. I understand it is only right to show respect towards others, even your enemy. However, when a person outright lies when calling him president that shows signs of corruption on their parts as well. The only leader (or in this case, potential leader) who I have ever heard flat out refuse to call Abbas “president” is Geert Wilders.

    Abbas should realize that God has His own timeline. And Abbas and the one he serves, and all other global leaders who stand against Israel, have a fuse that is nearing it’s end. There is not much time before God steps in once and for all to put a final end to everything unrighteous.

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