All Power Out as Hurricane Maria’s Winds, Floods Crush Puerto Rico



  1. The Lord allows the world to see that not even a supposed paradise is untouchable. For some people in those areas this may be a test of faith. There was a man in the first video that said he actually feared for his life during this storm. Someone who fears for their life is someone who does not fully trust God. It may be easy to feel that fear sometimes, because we are human. But the test is to see how strong our faith is. God expects our faith to be very strong.

    Still, for others, this may be a way that God is attempting to draw unbelievers (or those who are “searching”) close to Him. Some people will not wake up by tapping them on the shoulder. Some people need a category 4 storm before you get their undivided attention.

    While many will pray for the citizen’s belongs and comforts, I believe it is good to pray for all eyes to turn to God in a situation like this. God does not allow things like this to happen so that we may be more appreciative of our properties. He does so so that we will see Him through everything.

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