New Israeli intelligence report reveals Iran’s likely plans for Syria, Lebanon, Israel


JOL: “In light of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warnings about Iran’s entrenchment in Syria and Lebanon, an intelligence assessment released today (Wednesday) by Israel’s defense establishment revealed that the Islamic Republic of Iran is delivering about 10 supply planes to Syria and Hezbollah every month.

According to the information provided by sources, Israel also recognizes that Iran is developing a new series of precision missiles called Raed.

Israel also believes that Iran wants to establish a permanent military division in Syria that will bring together all the elements and organizations already serving there. more …

Opinion: It is long believed by prophecy watchers that Iranian surrogates, Hamas and Hezbollah, would one day put their Sunni/Shia differences aside and bring a coalition of Arab forces to eliminate the Jewish state once and for all.

There is one prophecy that brings the Psalm 83 alliance into the equation. Ezekiel 38:8 records that the Gog Magog war only takes place after Israel is ‘brought back from the sword and dwelling safely in the land.’ The Hebrew word for sword means war.

Rhetorical question: How could Israel dwell safely in the land with Hamas’ and Hezbollah’s combined 200,000 missiles aimed directly at the tiny Jewish state?

Observation: The Gog Magog alliance found in Ezekiel 38:1-6 makes no mention of even one Psalm 83 army. Imagine the glee with which the sons of Edom would join in with Russia, Iran, Turkey and four African armies to obliterate Israel … if they could.

(For the list of Psalm 83 armies see BP 101 chapter 6 here)