On 9/11 Trump, Pence, Mattis, Sessions Failed to Name ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’


Breitbart: The uniform lack of the mention of radical Islamic terrorism from the administration Monday comes after previous reports that H.R. McMaster, Trump’s embattled national security adviser, has petitioned against using the phrase.

In February, CNN cited a source inside a National Security Council meeting quoting McMaster as saying that use of the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” is unhelpful in working with allies to fight terrorism.

In May, McMaster spoke on ABC’s This Week about whether Trump would use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” in a speech that the president was about to give in Saudi Arabia. “The president will call it whatever he wants to call it,” McMaster said. “But I think it’s important that, whatever we call it, we recognize that [extremists] are not religious people. And, in fact, these enemies of all civilizations, what they want to do is to cloak their criminal behavior under this false idea of some kind of religious war.” more …

Opinion: Uh oh.


  1. Yep! It’s politics as usual. Maybe, as some predict, hurricane Jose will hit DC and finally flush out the “swamp.” Once again the narcissistic egocentric beltway crowd think the rest of us are just room temperature IQ dolts that don’t have a clue, when in truth, they are the clueless ones. We should have guessed. Trump is a business man – money and oil are paramount in the business paradigm.

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