JPost: The forum is held twice a year and is the only venue in which Israelis and Palestinians hold a regular dialogue with the donor and international community.

Refueling the Palestinian economy must go hand-in-hand with a plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, UN Under-Secretary- General Jeffrey Feltman told a high level donor meeting in New York on Monday night. more …

Opinion: The anti-Semite progressives at the UN have a short memory when it comes to the impoverished Palestinians of Gaza.

Never is there a word about the 4,000 state-of-the-art greenhouses (here) that the Israeli families were forced to leave behind as Israeli soldiers dragged 8000 families from their Gaza homes and businesses in a 2005 land for peace deal that didn’t last 24 hours. Instead of using the greenhouses for supporting their families, the Palestinians systematically looted and destroyed them.

Never is there a word about the tens of millions that Hamas spends on tunnels, missiles and weapons of war, that are for the sole purpose of killing Israeli citizens, and don’t even think about the millions Hamas/PA leaders have pocketed for themselves from foreign aid from supposedly civilized western nations.

No, what the UN is concerned about is Israel’s “occupation” and the plight of a made-up people.

How can it be? How can educated western nations be so ignorant of even secular history? The answer lies in one called the deceiver. It’s some of his most destructive work (Revelation 12:9).