JPost, Caroline Glick: No, the ceremony isn’t being portrayed as a Fatah surrender to Hamas. But it is. It’s also an Egyptian surrender to Hamas.

How is this the case? Ten years ago this past June, after a very brief and deadly assault by Hamas terrorists against US-trained Fatah forces in Gaza, the Fatah forces cut and ran to Israel for protection. Fatah politicians also headed for the border and then scurried into Fatah-controlled (and Israeli protected) Ramallah. Ever since, Hamas has served as the official authority on the ground in Gaza. Its personnel have been responsible for internal security and for Gaza’s borders with Egypt and Israel.

Despite their humiliating defeat and removal from Gaza, Fatah and its PA government in Ramallah continued to fund Hamas-controlled Gaza. They paid Gaza’s bills, including the salaries of all the PA security forces that were either no longer working or working double shifts as stay at home Fatah gunmen and up and coming Hamas terrorist forces. more …

Opinion: And take a wild guess who is funding the PA?

The Palestinian National Authority/Fatah in the West Bank and Gaza Strip receive one of the highest levels of aid in the world predominately from five entities: Arab nations, the EU, UN, Japan, and the United States

The Hill (.com) February 2, 2017 (here):  “The facts are straightforward. Every year the United States gives nearly half a billion dollars to Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority. The overwhelming majority of that money, or the equivalent thereof, is used to provide the payroll for Palestinian terrorists who have murdered Israelis and Americans.”

Caroline Glick: “we need to curb our enthusiasm for Sisi and his regime in Egypt, and for his backers in the UAE. Sisi’s decision to facilitate and mediate Hamas’s newest victory over Fatah shows that his alliance with Israel is tactical and limited in scope. His decision to side with Israel against Hamas during Operation Protective Edge three years ago may not repeat itself in the next war.”

And who was it that helped convince President Trump to leave the US embassy in Tel Aviv?

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