Why is President Trump Letting Palestinians off the Hook for Violating U.S. Law?


Breitbart: If President Trump is backtracking on his promise to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem allegedly for the sake of a “peace process,” why is he simultaneously allowing the Palestinians to violate U.S. law and sink peace unilaterally?

American law requires that funding for Palestinians be drastically curtailed if they use the International Criminal Court (ICC) to turn Israelis into war criminals. Though Palestinians have given the ICC a veritable bear hug, hundreds of millions of American dollars are still flowing into Palestinian coffers.

Palestinians are actively using a crooked international legal system as a means to avoid a negotiated end to the Arab-Israeli conflict and an acceptance of a Jewish state. It’s called lawfare — the antithesis of a “peace process.” more …

Opinion: International institutions have been jumping on the Palestinian bandwagon with the approval of US President Barack Obama and now, President Trump.

If there’s one global institution Israelis distrust more than the UN, it might just be the International Criminal Court (ICC). Since the court’s creation in the late 1990s, Israeli officials have worried that adversaries would employ the ICC as a new weapon in their struggle. And while most UN bodies can only pass toothless resolutions, the ICC can issue arrest warrants with real consequences for Israelis generals.

In late 2012 the UN Genaral Assembly recognized Palestine as a “nonmember observer state.” That vote in turn allowed the ICC to recognize the Palestinian Authority’s declaration granting the court jurisdiction over its territory.

On Jan 15, 2015, Palestine, a non-state, ascended to the ICC.

On September 28, 2017, Interpol whose job is to battle terrorism, crimes against humanity, genocide, environmental crime, war crimes, organized crime, piracy and child porn, admitted Palestine as a full member.

President Trump’s delay in moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for the hope of making the peace ‘deal of the century’ is by far the biggest blunder of his presidency, and if not corrected soon will put his administration in an adversarial role with Israel, like his predecessor.