Dems and MSM Mock Power of Prayer after Texas Shooting



  1. Good thing real Christians don’t offend very easily. I’m not offended by that in the least. In what may seem like a strange way, I am actually quite relieved to hear some of the lost say things like this. I just reaffirms, for the rest of us, that we really are living in the last days. There WILL BE those who mock. There WILL BE scoffers. Praise God for these signs! Normally, I just skip over any articles that come from CNN that are on any website. But this time, I had to watch and listen because it was part of an end times sign.

    As far as prayer, unfortunately, there are so many that so not understand it. Many on the left AND the right prefer to live so ignorantly when it comes to a prayer life. I have heard several pastors even use the term, “We will send our prayers to” this person or that person. Just by saying that they have shown they do not understand prayer, and so, they mock it ignorantly. We are to pray to the Lord, not send prayers to people. That is more a Catholic thing to do than a Biblical Christian thing to do.

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