New Brain Technologies Could Lead To Terrifying Invasions Of Privacy


Gizmodo: Imagine for a minute that you survive a terrible accident, and lose function of your right arm. You receive a brain implant able to interpret your brain’s neural activity and reroute commands to a robotic arm. Then one day, someone hacks that chip, sending malicious commands to the robotic arm.

It’s a biological invasion of privacy in which you are suddenly no longer in control.

A future in which we can simply download karate skills a la The Matrix or use computers to restore functionality to damaged limbs seems like the stuff of a far-off future, but that future is inching closer to the present with each passing day. more …

Opinion: Some of you will remember the 1970’s TV show the Six Million Dollar Man: “We can rebuild him, we have the technology”.

No one could have imagined that the technology would not only be available in the same generation, but be so advanced that men would be able to completely manipulate other men for good or bad.

Brain chip implants can help people with Parkinson’s Disease and mental health problems while at the same time people have reported an altered sense of identity.

The researchers write.“If people can control devices through their thoughts across great distances, or if several brains are wired to work collaboratively, our understanding of who we are and where we are acting will be disrupted.” 

Welcome to the world of neurotechnologies, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies and killer robots …

perilous times indeed.