Timna Airport Barrier: The Creativity And Capability Of Israel’s Defense Team


JOL: The Israeli Ministry of Defense continues construction on a security barrier along the Israeli-Jordanian border: A NIS 300 million fence designed to protect the planes that will be taking off and landing at the new airport being built. The new airport, located near Timna in southern Israel, will be named after Ilan and Assaf Ramon and is expected to be completed in the coming months.

The physical barrier will also include a unique defense mechanism designed especially for the new airport- a huge 30-meter high fence. The fence, which sits on dozens of tall pillars, was designed to protect on-site aircraft against various threats. The barrier is spread over 4.5 kilometers and includes other technological mechanisms. more …

Opinion: Nice wall, but… Timna? Really? Long time readers, especially those who have read Antichrist: The Search for Amalek will know who Biblical Timna is.

Timna is none other than the concubine of Eliphaz (a son of Esau). Eliphaz and Timna produced the eternal enemy of the Jewish people – their illegitimate child named Amalek.

Of all the names for the Jewish people to use, I would have never guessed Timna. (The official name is Ramon Int’l Airport, but most are calling it Timna because of its location in the Timna Valley).

I did a Google search and found this:

“Two women bear this name. First, there was the concubine of Eliphaz, a son of Esau, who became the mother of Amalek. It is most likely that she was taken as a slave during the war between the Edomites and Horites. She is referred to as a sister of Lotan. The other female with the same name, but sometimes given as Timnah, was probably the daughter of the previous Timna.”