Replay: President Donald Trump Statement On Jerusalem



  1. For the most part, that was an excellent announcement … up until he mentioned America’s dedication to a two-state solution.

    One thing I had noticed (and this may sound hokey to some people), was when he had mentioned “the Temple Mount, also known as Haram al-Sharif, ” he made an blatant Illuminati hand gesture and made a slight gulp at the same time. I had to watch that a few times to make sure I was not just seeing something that was not really there. I found that interesting.

    • I think he was gulping due to an awful case of cotton mouth. It looked like the gravity of moment struck him causing severe dry mouth.

      This is an unbelievable moment for our country and for Christians all over the world. I just hope more people see it. I’ve talked with a few people at work and friends outside the office and most don’t even know what happened.

      Moving the embassy to Jerusalem was something I never thought I would see. I’m pinching myself. This is a day to rejoice! God bless and Hallelujah!

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