SUNDAY STUDY: Why Jerusalem?


Why is Jerusalem, among all the cities of the world, so important in ages past and still today? Why does it matter if the U.S. embassy, or any other nation’s embassy, is in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv? Why is it the most hated government on earth?

And why does the world hate the Jews more than any other people group? The problem of Israel and Jerusalem is apparently intractable to the other nations of the world, and it must be resolved by God. 


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  1. Dear author: Excellent synopsis of “Why Jerusalem.” And of why the world hates the Jews and why the world hates the nation of Israel. IMHO, you with your sources are spot on! Jerusalem is as prophesied “A cup of trembling” for all the world and is the seat of future reign of the Messiah that Satan is actively pursuing for himself as one of his five “I wills” noted in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28. Spot on is the assessment of Satan’s hatred of all things Godly to include Christ, His church, and the Jews. Spot on is the reasoning that this conflict, from the creation of man, can be only be settled by the Lord Himself; not by some arcane “Two state solution” as proffered by fallen man.

    However, there is one element missing. In all of his proactive aggression against God and His plan and purpose, Satan, like a true narcissist, is always looking out for himself above all else. This includes saving his own skin. To save his skin, Satan has to destroy the nation of Israel in order to get his “Get out of jail card,” or pragmatically, “Stay out of the Lake of Fire card.” Why is this? Because Christ Himself said in Matthew 23:39, “You will NOT SEE Me again until you say ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.'” The Jews, as a corporate body – a nation – rejected their Messiah. They as a corporate body – now a nation again – have to ASK Him to return. Satan knows this, hence the furious current attempts to destroy current Israel through world wide hatred, a two state solution, or any means possible! This is the main reason why, when he is cast down from heaven in Revelation 12, he concentrates his efforts at the destruction of the Jews, particularly, as a nation (Psalm 83, et seq.). This is not a perspective that I developed, but developed by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, in his colossal works, “Israelology,” and “The Footsteps of the Messiah.” Fruchtenbaum has developed a complete “Connect the dots” scenario around the view “What are the prerequisites for the second coming of the Messiah” which also can be obtained on his website. I humbly request that this blog’s readership add Dr. Fructenbaum’s works to their library. He is one of the very few that encapsulizes this whole discussion including Satan’s plan “B” – his escape plan.

    Thanks, Baruck Ha Ba b’Shem Adonai!
    The Centurion

    • Hello Centurion,
      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, you’re right, A. Fruchtenbaum has superior discernment, knowledge, and giftedness in the body of Christ. We do know of him and have been at the same pre-trib conference that he attends every year. It is fascinating to see how God calls out His people from such diverse circumstances, such as Arnold from an Orthodox Jewish background, who heard the gospel and came to a saving knowledge of Christ as a young teen. Editor

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