This May Be The Most Important Video You Will Ever See. Period.


Opinion: Kuwaiti writer Abdullah Al-Hadlaq cuts to the heart of the matter on Israel and its place in the world. He favors the Trump US/Saudi/Israeli peace deal and wait till you hear why …

Shocking Kuwaiti Writer Sets the Record Straight On Israel!

This may be the most important video you'll see. Period.Sometimes, the most profound insight comes from the most unexpected sources.Well known Kuwaiti writer Abdullah Al-Hadlaq, appearing on Kuwaiti TV, made one of the most outspoken, accurate and shocking proclamations about Israel and its place in the world.Words like these, from people like this, are one of the most potent tools to make meaningful progress, and change the toxic perceptions of Israel that dominate the Arab world.

Posted by Adam Milstein on Monday, November 27, 2017

It is possible that we are seeing the beginning of the movement that could lead to a 7 year peace with Israel as prophesied in Daniel 9:27.

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  1. Wow! Author, this is conventional wisdom turned on its head! This is quite surreptitious – a bloodless coup by the evil one. Some sort of peace accord, sharing of the temple mount, and all are “happy.” E. Jerusalem could become the “displaced Palestinian peoples” capital in exchange for rebuilding the temple and acknowledging Israel’s right to exist. Sounds great…doesn’t it? Except I don’t think God is going to buy it. 2 Kings 21:4, “…Jerusalem is where I will put my name.” And 2 Chronicles 6:6. “…I have chosen Jerusalem for my name sake to be honored…” Quite crafty this evil one! I still envision much bloodshed over this.

  2. I feel like I just fell down a rabbit hole after watching that video but it makes sense. I’m stunned.

    Does it feel like things are accelerating?

  3. Wow! And what a rabbit hole! I agree, Centurion, regarding much bloodshed. Author’s subsequent post shows Nasrallah stirring up the pot with tens of thousands in Lebanon, while the Kuwaiti speaker in the video says he supports the collaboration of Israel, the Arab Gulf States and America in order to “annihilate Hizbollah beyond resurrection.” That sounds like a lot of blood.
    Are things accelerating, VS? I’m sure they are, but I’ve been waiting to see Jesus so desperately for so long that everything still feels like slo mo to me. Can’t help it. But, I do feel we’re almost there. Soon and very soon.
    Sorry, don’t know how to post so you can click on it. And VS, thanks for the beautiful Hallelujah Chorus post. Favorite all time!

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