‘Trump To Declare Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital, Delay Embassy Move’


YNet News: US President Donald Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Wednesday, but will also dash hopes in the Israeli government by signing a waiver that will keep the US Embassy in Israel in Tel Aviv, the New York Times (NYT) reported Tuesday.

The report comes two days after the president announced that he would be delaying a decision on whether to transfer the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

The report also comes on the heels of a series of phone conversations the US president held with several Arab leaders, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, informing them that he had already taken the decision to fulfill his campaign pledge of moving the embassy. more …

Opinion: It’s only Tuesday and I am exhausted. WWTD is the question of the day.

I believe he really wants to move the embassy. I wonder how God will see it Trump goes half way and acknowledges Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but doesn’t move the embassy?

A lot will depend on what he says and how he says it. Will it be a neither hot nor cold? Or will it be a good first step that will bring blessing (Genesis 12:3)?

The pressure must be enormous: Zechariah 12:3 called Jerusalem the burdensome stone  2500 years ago.

The ramifications are enormous: The last president to acknowledge Israel/Jerusalem was Harry Truman, and the day after he did so, war broke out and between 1948-49 over 10,000 perished.

God’s word on Jerusalem is enormous: 1 Kings 11:36 tells us that Jerusalem is the city that God has chosen for Himself.

I found an old political cartoon of unknown origin that explains the problem:

Image result for rain came to Palestine when the jews began returning home

I will try to livestream the speech tomorrow …