Caroline Glick: Syria, The War Everyone Must Fight and No One Can Win


Breitbart: Saturday morning’s violent clashes along the Israeli-Syria border between Israel on the one hand and Iran and Syrian regime forces on the other occurred against the backdrop of multiplying acts of war and violence among a seemingly endless roster of combatants.

To understand the significance and implications of the clashes – which saw Israel destroy an Iranian drone that penetrated its airspace and destroy the drone base in Syria from which the drone was deployed, and the downing of an Israeli F-16 by a massive barrage of Syrian anti-aircraft missiles – it is necessary to understand the basic logic of violence in Syria.

There are a dozen or so actors fighting in Syria. more …

Opinion: Let’s take a look at who is in Syria today: US, Russia, Iran, Turkey, various Sunni rebel factions, Kurds, Syrian-regime forces, Hezbollah, Iranian-organized Shiite militias, and last but not least, ISIS, whose forces are functioning along the Syrian border with Iraq.

  • Russia is aligned with Syria government forces and Iran and Hezbollah
  • Iran is aligned with Hezbollah, Syrian forces, Shiite militias, and Russia
  • US supports Israel, Sunni rebels, and Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces
  • Turkey is aligned with no one but is fighting the Kurds and Syrian Government
  • Kurds are fighting Turkey
  • ISIS is on its own and fighting everyone

With all that, almost anything can happen. I have often wondered if the prophesied total destruction of Damascus in one night (Isaiah 17:1,14) might be false flag designed to blame Israel to ignite a large scale regional conflagration.

If so, the Psalm 83 war would add new names to the list:

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Arabs of Judea, Gaza and the Sinai

World war? Not yet. Bible prophecy has a definite order of events and when the Third World War begins, the world will look very different than it does today.

  • The Church of Jesus Christ will have been raptured – 1 Corinthians 15:51-52; 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18
  • Israel will have defeated her neighboring enemies and living in a false peace – Psalm 83:1-12
  • Russia, Iran, Turkey and 4 North African nations will have been defeated by God Himself after attempting to crush Israel  –  Ezekiel 38:1-6, 18-21
  • A charismatic world leader from the revived Roman Empire will have dusted off a peace treaty and shocked the world as Jacob and Esau agree to a 7 year peace – Daniel 9:26-27
  • A third temple will have been hastily built so that animal sacrifices can be restored Daniel 9:27

We leave open the possibility that the church could be here for Psalm 83 and possibly part of Ezekiel 38 (Gog and Magog). However, the church will have to be gone before the peace treaty, the man of sin and animal sacrifices begin as the last 7 years (Daniel’s 70th week) are a return to the law. The church is of grace – not law.

Caroline Glick needs to get out a Bible because Israel wins.

(For more on the 3rd World War see our revised study in BP 101 chapter 8 here)


  1. Well said, Author!! Of course from the secular view point there is no solution except the mindless “Two state solution” whereby Satan, through deception, usurps God’s throne and mountain located in East Jerusalem. However, the final outcome will not go well for the Islamists (or Satan).

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