Sunday Study: LONGEVITY OF LIFE, Isaiah 65:20


“Because of advances in medical technology, it is predicted that people will live 100-120 years of age or even longer. This remains to be seen, but the Bible does predict longevity of life in the future.” 

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m ready RIGHT NOW to go live with my LORD and Savior, and my heavenly Father, and I don’t desire increased longevity in this fallen world.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this David Levy article. These last two days I have been so depressed. This weekend is missions weekend for our church (and other “Stone-Cambell restoration” churches in our area. I just recently discovered “Stone-Cambell” and its implication). World wide missions – what is there to be depressed about? Isn’t this a joyous thing – bringing the gospel to the world? It should be if these churches weren’t so amillennial in their outlook. They steadfastly believe – with a few exceptions – that the church is the kingdom in the vein described by Levy but without any Jewish aspect described in the Davidic Covenant or the OT at large. The “Son of Man” is not in their vocabulary and a 1000 year earthly “Jewish kingdom” with the Messiah reigning is not in their view. Unknowing, most are steeped in Augustinian amillennialism, and others embrace the Daniel Whitby notion that the church evangelizes all the nations, which when completed, ushers in the Messiah – postmillennialism. What is depressing is that Satan loves this erroneous viewpoint. There is less, or even no focus on Israel so he, Satan, can quietly destroy Israel through Islam and other worldly means – the UN. Thus, he creates for himself a “Get out of the lake of fire free card.” Let these Christians unwittingly spiritualize everything. Let them have their heaven, says Satan. I’ll still be safe on earth – I’ll still rule earth from East Jerusalem! Bring on the two state solution!

    • We feel your pain. Attacks against Premillennialism and pre-trib rapture became so frequent on our Facebook page and it took so much time to debate back and forth, that we stopped responding.

      Like you, we have found that Israel is the linchpin with regard to Amillennialism/Postmillennial believers. If Israel can sin their way out of God’s grace, then why would the church feel their salvation is secure? We recently have seen a change in someone very close to us on that subject. One victory at a time!

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