Watch Live: Protests Over US Embassy – Jerusalem



  1. I have never understood the purpose of modern day protesting. People that protest against abortion will often march, or join hands and sing songs, or chant. Americans against the US wars in other countries will often perform similar acts. People that protest again pipelines and oil fields will usually perform similar acts.

    Have “protesters” in recent history not noticed that their acts of protest do nothing? They have never made any changes. Their little chants and songs only fall on deaf ears. The powers-that-be have never looked at a group of protesters and said, “Oh, dear! Look at those honorable citizens. We must listen to them and accept their demands!”

    There will be opposition to the US embassy move. It is not a big deal whether it is opened in Jerusalem. Trump’s decision was heard by God. It meant something to God. That is what truly matters. Pushing forward with it is a show of good faith. I believe this move will do a lot more harm than good. However, that “harm” will come in the form of Bible prophecy. It is necessary.

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