The War With Iran is Just Getting Started


Israel Today: Up untill now, Hezbollah has not participated in the hostilities against Israel, despite reports of intensive IAF activity in Lebanese airspace and a claim that the IAF hit a Hezbollah position near the Israeli-Syrian border last night.

As I wrote on Wednesday, Iran is careful not to engage Israel in all-out war and has always used disruptive and asymmetric warfare since its devastating war with Iraq in the 1980s. Iran knows that it is the weaker party when it comes to conventional warfare.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Iran will now be deterred from continuing its military build-up in Syria.

Opinion: Any analysis that leaves out Biblical prophecy is a weak guess.

That Iran is the weaker party only enhances the Psalm 83 prophecy in which a heavily armed, well financed Arab alliance attacks Israel. While Iran is nowhere to be found in Psalm 83:1-8, its well known financing of arms to terror groups is unparalleled, thanks to its #1 benefactor, Barack Hussein Obama.

Possible scenario:

The Psalm 83 war fails, causing great consternation among the three amigos…

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Israel takes casualties, but in the end neuters the surrounding Edomite armies, growing exponentially in wealth and land, while Rouhani, Putin and Erdogan fume.

Israel makes another major discovery of oil and gas, causing Vladimir Putin to fly into a rage, with no choice but to attack to prevent the Russian economy from total collapse like it did in 1991.

Gog and Magog is on.

(see Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 6 for more on Psalm 83 and Gog and Magog here)