Live Science: In a stroke of luck, no major hurricane rated category 3 or higher have stuck US soil during the past 9 years, a new study finds.

This is the county’s longest hurricane drought in recorded history or since 1851, the researchers said. more …

Opinion: Surprised by the headline? Don’t be, the progressive left has an agenda, and this year they are trying to pin hurricane Florence on global warming caused by Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris climate accords.

Editor and I grew up with hurricanes. I can’t even recall how many but we rode out two in the last two years and neither one compared to Cat. 5 Andrew back in 1992. The only change in storms we see is the mass hysteria:

CNN September 12, 2018: “Hurricane Florence: ‘Life-threatening monster’ forces mass evacuation”:

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper warned that people in evacuation zones “need to get out now!”

“This is not a storm that people need to ride out,” Cooper told reporters. “This is a storm that is historic, maybe once in a lifetime.”

NBC News Dec. 5, 2016:

“People need to start getting ready for these catastrophic storms now, because most places aren’t prepared to handle such extreme weather, the team at the National Center for Atmospheric Research said.

And yes, climate change is to blame, the experts said. As the average temperature warms up, the air will get warmer and moister and more prone to these heavy storms, they reported in the journal Nature Climate Change.”

Al Gore November 15, 2012:

And Al should know cause he has made tens of millions of dollars promoting his phony scheme while living large and flying all over the country in his gas guzzling jet telling the rest of us how to live:

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  1. “In a stroke of luck, no major hurricane rated category 3 or higher have stuck US soil during the past 9 years, a new study finds.”

    Thankfully that statistic may hold a little while longer. It appears this storm will be a Cat 2.

    Here are two webcams that will allow you to watch the approaching storm without the hysterical screaming found on the Weather Channel. Interesting factoid: The “Weather Channel” in Greek means “hysterical speech spatter.”



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