iStalk: Apple’s iPhones, iPads revealed to be tracking user data


CNBC News:
“Your iPhone knows what you did last summer, where you got your coffee yesterday and where you bought new shoes last week. Two programmers have discovered a hidden file on the Apple iPhone and iPad that keeps tabs on where the phone has been and when it was there.”

No one can use the data, sounds harmless right? Wrong! “A former Apple employee – has built a free online application named iPhone Tracker that grabs the data and maps out where the device checked in. The app demonstrates just how easily the data can be accessed by anyone who uses your computer – and how easily it could fall into the wrong hands.”
In Revelation 13:16-18 the antichrist has become so powerful both technologically and militarily that he can actually control every human on earth, even buying and selling. Christians who are ‘left behind’ will  become his enemies and will be against his every move. It’s not hard to imagine that he will be able to locate his enemies with this type of power. It is with sophisticated technology that the beast will find and kill many (Tribulation Martyrs). Aren’t you glad that we are not here for that!  Luke 21:28 “Look up your redemption draws near.”
Two programmers revealed Wednesday that iPhones and iPads have been tracking user data and downloading it to their computers.


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